What will next year’s schedule look like?


Chrystal Barajas and Itzel Mena

The Morton East school bell-schedule will change next year — for the first time in a decade.

Our Morton district has decided to finally have a new school schedule starting next year. Morton schedule hasn’t been changed in the past 10 years. Prior to our current bell schedule, years ago students started at 7:45, and concluded at 2:10.  Would students like to start later than 8:45 but get out later than 3:10? In a random survey of 60 Morton East students, 25 students reported that they would like to have a schedule change but not get out later than 3:10. 35 students reported that they wouldn’t like to have a schedule change.

‘’Next year the classes will be cut shorter to fit in another period,’’ Morton East Assistant Principal Dr. Parrie said.

Next school year, classes will be cut to 55 minutes since our school wants to add another period for the upcoming freshmen. Upcoming juniors or seniors next year won’t have to worry about the extra period since the extra class will be optional. If you are not taking the extra class you will be starting your 1st class during second hour, so you will have an extra 55 minutes to get to school.

‘’This past year, tardies have become an issue, and we want to improve on our tardies for next year,’’ Morton East assistant principal Dr. Michael Parrie said.

With most students starting their first class during second period, the school administration hopes to see the tardies decrease. Students who would like to take a 6th class should let their counselors know as soon as possible since spots are limited.

‘’We still don’t have the exact time school will start next year, but we for sure know the starting time will be different,’’ Dr. Parrie said.

Next year, there will not be late starts anymore. Students will have an early dismissal instead of having late start.