There is an extra support program available to students who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan), or 504 plan, and social security number offered through Morton’s DRS (Department of rehabilitative Services) Program and Mrs. Angelica Chavez.

According to Mrs. Angelica Chavez (Morton H.S./ DRS transition specialist) who can be reached at [email protected]/708-780-4100×3715/  West  campus room 126,   
the STEP (Secondary Transitional Experience Program) is a state program which exists to help students as they enter the working world, to complete a certificate, and/or attend a college or university upon graduating high school. The STEP program will supplement (Pay) for most all post-secondary needs that FAFSA money might not cover. These needs could include, but are not limited to:  A Computer for course work, Tools needed for trade school, Uniforms for nursing programs and such, and Room and Board if the school you are attending is more than 50 miles away from your home. Therefore, if you, or someone you know qualifies for this outstanding program by having an IEP/504 plan, and a social security number, and has completed the FAFSA Application please see Mrs. Stachura or Mrs. Hutchens in room 308 for an application to the DRS STEP Program.  Here is what people are saying are saying about this program: 

 “The DRS STEP Program is the most fantastic support program for our students with IEPs/504 Plans transitioning into the Post-Secondary stage of their life that I know of, and they will have access to this support all the way to the age of 64,” English Teacher Mr. Asay said. 

As more teachers become aware of this program, they become excited about the benefits of the STEP Program for our students. 

“I think the STEP program is an important opportunity to achieve their goals accessible.” English Teacher Mr.Bulster  

Furthermore, the STEP Program has even raised the interest, liking, and support of some of our administrators.  

“I want all of our students holding IEPs or 504 Plans to be signed up for the STEP Program, so they can get money and support for after high school,” Mrs. Stachura Head of East’s Special Education Department said.