Students ready for finals

Fernando Quintana

Most of the school seems to be ready for finals.  But, a lot of students are saying they are not ready because they are being overwhelmed with other classes and they must do exam make-up from their previous units.

Finals is around the corner a lot student will become very stressed because since its towards the end of the semester a lot of their work is going to be due very soon and they will know now see they won’t have much time to catch up on all their classes. Of course, if students are passing their class with an “A” and they have fewer than 9 absences, they don’t have to take the class’s final exam.  (You would have gotten a message in Skyward if that were the case for you!)  A lot of students seem to be studying for finals; they each have their own technique and way of studying for finals.

“Memorizing everything and studying for it before and on the day of the finals,” Senior Carlos Nino Puentes said.

Not many students are coming in for extra help, there are some students who might be coming in for extra help because they are seeking helping within their teachers.

“I’m coming in for extra help so I can review a few things with my English teacher about on what I can work on better and study better,” Junior Aaron Ramirez.

By the looks of it a lot of students seem to be having a struggle in Math and Chemistry, most students are in English because they say its too much reading and writing.

“Math and chemistry, it’s hard and I have to learn a lot of formulas,” Sophmore Angeles Perez said.

A lot of students are seemed to be very confident about finals and they all think that they will do good.

“I’m confident for finals because this whole week I’ve been studying, and I think I will pass my finals,” Sophmore Briana Morales said.