MEHS supports teen parents, community

Many students do not know about what Morton East has offered over the years to teen moms and staff and community members.  

Much has changed in Morton East regarding Morton Daycare since it opened its doors in 1994, such as the staff involved, their day-to-day schedules, their supplies and activities, and how they support their teen moms. Public opinion has also changed.

“I think it’s comforting for the parents to know their kid is close by and safe. Especially since They wouldn’t be bothering their parents,” one Morton East senior, Anastacio Ballesteros, said.

Positive growth in public opinion of having a daycare for teen moms as well. 

“It may let the moms feel like they can act more recklessly, so I think it’s not the best option, “said senior parenting student Fernanda Barrios.

Although, Beatrice De La Rosa, Director of the Parent-Initiative program for young parents believes that the pregnancy rate over the past 10 years has really slowed down. Parents can continue their connection to the community and resources Morton East Daycare offers even after graduation, as their parenting program extends to parents in order for them to hold a better grasp of what they or their children need.

“So if the parents need anything so far as to needing to get hooked up with any services throughout the community, and just supporting them throughout their parenting ways,” said Beatrice De La Rosa, on the services offered to children and Young Parents.

Any person can see that the Morton East Daycare truly cares for both the parents and the children given their thorough evaluation of parents and children, catering to different needs. Whether it be the development of a child or the financial needs of a parent, Morton East Daycare goes above and beyond.