Who do you turn to if you’re Sexually Assaulted?

Yessica Martinez Castillo

Though a large portion of students knows of someone who has been Sexually Assaulted, a more significant portion of students does not know how to report it.

Based on a random student survey of 36, we see that twenty-four of the students know of someone who has been sexually assaulted, whether on or off school property. Yet, the knowledge on how to report SA has been lacking as only one out of thirty-six students in the survey confirmed that their teachers have talked about reporting Sexual Assault, leading to over half (57%) of students not knowing how to report Sexual Assault.

Nevertheless,  Carol Best, assistant principal of student services, and other student support staff here at Morton East reassure that they will do their best to support any student who decides to open up.

Over the course of the past couple of years, youth across the country have stepped up to report SA they have endured and experienced, creating spaces and bubbles of safety. Some of these ‘bubbles’ or safe spaces can be places or people in school. Morton East is no exception, as experienced support staff, counselors, and therapists are readily available for help.

“I will support whoever comes into my office, and if you’re disclosing whatever it is, I will do my best to support you in the school building. Whether that means talking to or bringing in other people that could potentially help make a student feel safe and secure; that’s the goal,” said school social worker Joscelyn Rivera.

For help, go to the student support staff office in 306; that’s where all the school social workers are.