5 flag football girls scouted by colleges

These five girls were selected for the Hallas Hall college scouting event.

These five girls were selected for the Hallas Hall college scouting event.

On November 19, Hallas Hall hosted a college scouting for girls flag football, and players from our flag football team partipated — and two East girls have already had offers to play in college.

Morton coaches G (Gutheim) and Cast (Castenon) came together to pick the top 5 girls:  junior Yeniah Matos Delgado (QB and linebacker), senior Jazmin Rojas (running back), senior Nayely Lopez Macias (wide and inside receiver), senior Melissa Rizzo (wide and inside receiver), and senior Emma Valenzuela (corner defense).  These girls were picked based on talent, athleticism, speed, and team motivation.

Pony Express News interviewed the girls a day before the scouting.

“I really like flag football because I feel like you create bonds with each other; it’s a very moving sport — (both physically and emotionally),” senior Melissa Rizzo said.

“Ms G had reached out to me about the sport.  Going from a sport where I would normally use my feet and now having to use my hands helped me discover a passion for a sport that I never thought I had,” senior Nayely Lopez Macias said.

We also got into depth about what their plans for after high school will be.

“My plans were to (graduate) high school and leave to Mexico.   But, now, I will stay here in the US to stay in this sport,” senior Emma Valenzuela said.

“I feel like (the event helped me plan for life) because I didn’t know what I was going to pursue after high school.  Now, I’m going to college through my passion for sports,“ junior Yeniah Matos Delgado said.

But, not all the girls have the same plan of staying in state.

“I want to get offers; it doesn’t matter where I go; I just want to get out of this state and go where it benefits me for academics and sports,” senior Jazmin Rojas said.

After the college scouting, the coaches found out that 2 of the 5 girls — Emma Valenzuela and Melissa Rizo — have already been picked by colleges.   News on the other 3 are pending.  We congratulate all who participated.