Athletes continue in college

How many Morton athletes plan to continue their sport in college?
In a random survey of 175 Morton students, 31 said they currently played a sport and of those, only six said they plan to compete in that sport in college.
According to NCCA, “nearly around 8 million students that have participated in high school athletics, 480,000 0f they have competed as NCCA athletes”. Many high school students tend to try out sports during their time at school. At the time, a few athletes do wish to continue in college or wish to go to college but did not continue playing sports in college. Some would plan to play a sport in college, despite not playing one during their high school time.
Furthermore, the peer of an athlete might have motivated them into a sport.

Water Polo Team (Water Polo’s photographer)

“What got me into swimming was through a friend that wanted me to swim with her but she ended up quitting while I didn’t, I kept going,” said senior Litzy Mozo, “Water polo was introduced during swimming, I gave it a try and loved how rough the sport was. I went against people, girls and boys, so it was challenging for me but I felt like I got stronger and have got to learn new ways to overcome them”.

In addition, some coaches can see that some athletes are motivated to continue.
“I have seen around 20 people that I have coached with had planned to continue onto college with their sport,” said the coach of girls’ volleyball and basketball Ms. Anathosen, “I have been coaching for around 11 years”.
Moreover, athletes, simply enjoy the sport despite the struggles it gives.

Varsity Wrestling Team (Gianelle Virella)

“I plan on sticking with cross country in college because of the three-sport for it, cross is a sport I take seriously and it has had a big impact on me. Yes, it can be hard but I enjoy it very and it’s like a sport I can find peace with me”, said junior Bianca Davila.
Along with that, a sport can be a sort of comfort for one.
“Yes, because I love the sport a lot. It’s helped me grow as a person, and it’s seen me through my toughest times”, said junior Faith Comas, “I believe I can go far with this sport, and it could help out a lot financially in college”.