Students interested in street racing and its risks

Omar Gutierrez

Omar Gutierrez and Luis Valera

Morton East students have become very interested and fascinated with Chicagoland street racing — even though it’s risky.

The majority of the Cicero community likes street racing, and the car meets, although there are dangers.  According to a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 80 said they they like street racing.  Teenagers from all over Chicagoland meet at Ford City Mall (7601 S. Cicero avenue) to witness and even attempt “burn outs.”  (“Burn out” refers to the smoke and spinning vehicle that results when a spinning tire meets traction.)

“I think they should legalize street racing so would not have to find spots to race that are dangerous,” said senior Alexander Padilla.

However, street racing has its dangerous side as one former fire fighter states.

“When I was a fire fighter, I saw car run into a tree (from street racing), and I had to rescued (the driver),” said Mr. Martinez, Morton East mechanics teacher.

To add to this, one Morton East senior describes his street racing experience.

“At one meet I was at, there was a shooting, however no one was hurt,” said the senior, who preferred to be kept anonymous.

This past August, a woman was killed in when she was hit by a drag racer in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.  According to Block Club Chicago’s “Drag Racer Killed Woman Crossing Street During Chaotic Weekend of Street Takeovers, Police Say,”  street events resulted in one death, nine events, seven impounded cars and six damaged police cars.

According to one student who wished to remain anonymous, certain persons are placed as “posts” in front of the crowd to make sure that the crowd stays back, and to ensure that cars don’t drift into them.