The FBLA: Morton’s Insider on Business

Fabian Carino, Reporter

Morton’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) hopes to provide a greater insight on Business for those interested in pursuing a career in Business 

The Future Business Leaders of America is also known as the FBLA. FacstnFun’s article “ 10 Facts About FBLA”,  has said things such as: the FBLA being student run organization which was first established in 1937 and has since then grown to a whopping 253, 365 members, this has put the FBLA on lists for top ten organizations in the United States. At Morton, the FBLA’s current organizer is Mr. Armstrong. He is a business/CTE teacher here at Morton East High School. He is optimistic and hopes that the FBLA can provide great opportunities for students here at Morton. In a random survey of 100 Morton students, 67% of students said they have considered pursuing a career in business

“FBLA offers Morton students a chance to be part of a dynamic, student-led, and student-run organization that wants to meet them where they are and help set them on the road to achieving their goals, in life as well as business. If you have ever thought about owning your own business — or are interested in a career on a leadership track — or taking charge at your current job and becoming a manager there — or are just curious to find out more about being a boss, our meetings are in Room 328 Mondays after school,” Mr. Armstrong says. 

But, Mr. Armstrong isn’t the only one who thinks this way. 

“I was in the FBLA club for my junior year, and it was a club that provided me with great opportunities and better insight on the business world,” Morton East senior Gaby Allon states.

The FBLA helps its members a lot and on top of that helps support other clubs at Morton. 

I hope to help the club get to regional competitions, network with local businesses and civic leaders, as well as partnering with other Morton clubs to help supercharge their fundraising efforts,” Mr. Armstrong stated.