Prom still popular post-pandemic, but pricey


Finding the perfect prom dresses and accessories.

Karla Aleman and Leslye Carrasco

Majority of seniors still planning to attend prom, survey says. 

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 74 students reported that they will be attending.  As the year is approaching an end, high school seniors are getting ready to attend various end of the year activities — one of them being “Prom,”  a special night when seniors dress up in formal attire to meet for one last time. According to “Prom facts you never knew” by Ambassador limousine, Prom dates back to the 1900s it started as small tea parties but it started to evolve for students who would gather at their school gymnasium. In addition, proms YYlbegan to be more formal until the 1950s as well as starting the tradition of crowning someone for Prom king and queen. However during the 60s and 70s Prom was on the decline since the nation was at the peak of civil rights movements and the Vietnam war, so students had to focus on change and peace for the nation. It was not until the 1980s that movies such as pretty pink and back to the future popularized the idea of prom and therefore making it popular for high school students. Moreover, the average teen spends about $1,500 including tickets, dress, limo, and flowers. 

Students were asked if they had plans of attending prom this year.

 “Yes I will be attending prom. The reason why I’m attending prom is because it’s my last year of high school and I want to spend the night with my friends being goofy. I feel like it would be very memorable,” Senior Esther Gallegos said.

Others are going because it’s a once in a lifetime event, they don’t want to miss out on. 

“Yes, I will be attending prom because I was told prom is the number one thing you will regret not going to. Plus, I love to spend time with my girlfriend and my friends. Therefore, I will be attending prom. Not attending will probably be one of my biggest mistakes I will make in my last highschool year,” Senior Alex Pichardo said.

But, some students can’t afford the expense that goes with the event. 

“I will not be attending prom due to financial reasons,” Senior Marlen Moreno said.

Students were asked to give their opinion on whenever prom ticket prices were reasonable this year.  Furthermore some students agreed with the cost while others didn’t.

“I’m not sure if the prom tickets are reasonable, I’ll be able to know once it’s prom. It all depends on how good the food will be or the decorations they will have at prom then I’ll be able to decide if the prices were reasonable or not,” Senior Esther Gallegos said.

On the other hand another student clearly stated his opinion.

 “Yes, I think they are reasonable because for one, banquets are not cheap plus some banquets are different like some can be rented for the day or can be rented by the hour. they’re gonna give food out too and I highly doubt it’s gonna be pizza or something on the cheap side, more like fancy dishes and stuff  So I do think it is a reasonable price for prom,” Senior Alex Pichardo said.

However, another student had a different stance.

“No, I do not think prom ticket prices are reasonable because $90 dollars per person is too expensive, however if it was a price for a couple then it would be understandable. I believe that the prices should range from $60 to $70 dollars,” Senior Marlen Moreno said.

Students were asked to tell us an estimate of their prom expenses and budget.

“My budget for prom is between $400 to $500. The reason is because prom dresses are expensive. There’s a lot of planning for prom such as jewelry, hair. Makeup, nails, shoes and even waxing like getting my eyebrows done,” Senior Esther Gallegos said 

Men don’t have to spend as much on their clothing, but sometimes they end up spending more on their dates.   

“I actually just got a good deal for a nice black suit for $200, vest and pants were included as well. My shoes were $50, some accessories I got were about $30 and I’m going to be getting my pants and Jacket sized to fit me well. So I will be spending around $330 or more,” Senior Alex Pichardo said 

Prom shopping can be an overwhelming and stressing task so students were ask to list some affordable stores to purchase prom attire.

“When I went to shop for my prom dress I went to PROMBAY. It’s such a good store for dresses and the staff are kind and supportive. They are always hyping you up which gives a comfortable ambiance and makes me feel less uncomfortable,” Senior Zurizadai de leon said.

And, customer service is sometimes worth paying for.

“I recommend going to K & G for suits. They are expensive, but to be completely honest they have really nice suits as well as fixing any adjustments for 50 bucks and can do it a week or two before prom,” Senior Daniel Villanueva said.