Journalism helps seniors reflect with memory museum


Old poster in Mr. Frankfother’s class. Class of 2022’s Memory Museum will be open in the library on Tuesday, May 17.

Alondra Diosdado, Reporter

Journalism museum wraps up seniors’ four years of high school.

The journalism memory museum is a museum dedicated to seniors. It is hosted by all nine journalism classes. All seniors are invited, and it will take place in the knowledge center on third floor on May 17.   This is a great event for seniors to look back on and remember events or things they did. What is being displayed varies, but everything consists of things that happened in the last four school years.

Students are assigned a year to work on varying from freshman until their senior year, then they pick a topic they want to look into. Going back in time, Mr. Frankfother, Ms. Daly, and Ms. Smith came up with an idea to get together all the work of the Journalism students from throughout the years and display it.  Before it was moved into the knowledge center it all started off in a classroom. Until later, the other Journalism classes decided it was best to host it all together. This memory museum has been going on for seven years now. It has gone a long way to where it is now and will be great for seniors to review a couple memories one last time before they leave.  

I think my favorite part of the Senior Memory Museum was that it was the perfect way to end the year. The senior journalism students got to spend a day in the library reflecting and celebrating all that they have experienced together, all of their accomplishments, and how far they have come one last time before going off into their post-high school lives,” said Ms. Smith. 

A nice way to end high school is to review all the memories they have had from the past years and Ms. Smith likes this museum for this exact reason.

“But, what I really like most is seeing all the seniors come through with such energy about the future they are heading off into. When they come through the museum, they truly get to reflect on all that has happened in the past four years — especially these past four years. It can be overwhelming,” journalism teacher Kent Franfother said.

One last look on everything that has happened can be great to look at with other of your fellow seniors as it can be the last time you will see them. Although, some students think differently.

”I’m not interested in the memory museum because I don’t care what happened in our last four school years,” said Karla Aleman. 

It seems not everyone is excited to see past memories. Senior Karla is ready to leave and not look back on anything related to high school. But, there are others who love these type of things that the teachers/classes, do for us.

“Espero ir porque casi no voy a museos y me gustaría ir y muchos más en el futuro,” said Fatima Garcia.

All seniors are invited to stop by the Class of 2022 Memory Museum on the third floor of the library/Knowledge Center on Tuesday, May 17.  See what you remember!