Spirit Week FAIL?!

Julissa Bermejo and Esmeralda Diaz

Morton East students fail to meet student guidelines towards spirt week. Many students went home, and many think the dress code is unfair! 

According to Squad Locker ‘Spirit wear as A School Dress Uniform? Yes’, “schools adopt uniforms to increase public awareness and branding, ensure a coordinated appearance, support discipline and reduce distractions and bullying related to inequities in personal clothing. Uniforms are far easier and less stressful to monitor than dress codes that are often vague or convoluted and beg to have their limits tested. But one of the main reasons schools require students to wear uniforms is to foster a sense of unity and school pride. This is also the primary purpose of spirit wear. Spirit wear is generally associated with sports teams, but every school administrator and teacher know that kids who are proud to be part of their school are more motivated to show up and be part of the learning team.” Many Morton East students and staff had their opinions on spirit week and the guidelines according to our spirit week themes. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 58 % of students reported that they dressed up for spirit week; 32% of students reported that they did not dress up for spirit week.  

According to article, “Rank & file” “This year, the junior’s broke tradition by not wearing their class shirts during the fall pep rally. Now, three months later, the supply of new shirts lay in Room C210.
The miscommunication between the Student Government Association (SGA) and the manufacturer delayed the delivery of the class shirts, to the extent that they did not arrive in time for spirit week.” 

“The main offenses were improper dress, hoodies, and jeans. Also, to my understanding, students were well informed not to be attired in these ways.  I feel I must apologize, but I’m a teacher, and as a Teacher I’m a natural born “rule follower”…. I cannot help it. So, to me, if those students who were well informed, broke the rules – Then, to me they probably need to serve the consequences” said Special Education Teacher Mr. Asay

Morton East students feel the opposite about dress codes during spirit week. Morton east students had their opinions on how staff is unfair with the dress code guidelines and had something to say about the altercation that happened on Tuesday in the dean’s office.  

“It’s dumb how are we not allowed to wear jeans or crop tops. We barely get the opportunity to be out of uniform and when we do, they want to be overly strict and not only waste our time and theirs but our parents by making us call them to get us or bring us different clothes” said Anonymous Morton East Student. 

Morton East teachers and Morton East students have completely different opinions on the rules that come with having days Morton East students don’t need uniforms. 

“There was miscommunication about not wearing jeans, since people had variety of ideas of what ‘dress to impress’ means. For some it could mean going out with a partner, an interview, going out with friends or family and more” said Assistant Principal of Student Services Ms. Best. 

“The dress themes were decided by club members, as the days are run through Student Activities. I think we need communication to be more explicit about what is and what is not permissible for dress days. That should eliminate the lines of students in the Dean’s Office. We had virtually no issues for the out of uniform yesterday. I think that is due to the fact that students had guidelines” said Assistant Principal. 

“It was a little exaggerating how they made everyone who had jeans on go home and change, it wasn’t fair, other schools weren’t as strict with jeans so why should East have had to do that?” said Anonymous Morton East Student. 

“Students didn’t follow the rules; therefore, they were in the dean’s office. It is fair if there is a rule for it” said Math Teacher Mr. Brozostowshki 

“It was a little exaggerating how they made everyone who had jeans on go home and change” said anonymous Morton East student.  

Many Morton East students had the same opinions on the rules due to student dress codes and hope it can be changed and more normalized.