Seniors activities, graduation are back!


Jasmin Saucedo

Accomplishments: moments to remember

Jasmin Saucedo, Lizbeth Rendon, and Ailin Perez

Days are dwindling before seniors experience a “back to full list” of final fun activities and graduation day.

To be able to participate, some requirements must be met.  For example, proof of Covid vaccination will be required for anyone 19 years or older.

According to Investopedia in their article “Summa Cum Laude” Summa Cum Laude indicates the greatest distinction which is important when seniors are granted that honor for their challenging work.  

For a lot of seniors at Morton East High School, their year tends to be the hardest because they want to receive these awards for graduation day. Seniors have the privilege of attending Great America: Six Flags, senior breakfast, prom, but only if they are on track on graduation.  

In a random survey of 100 Morton East Students, 68% hope to attend the senior activities.   

As of now only 72. 3%  of seniors are on track to graduation and will be able to attend the activities at the end of the year, but besides having good grades and passing all your classes is not enough. Attendance is a crucial factor, you must have 95% attendance, no major disciplinary referrals. If the students do not meet the requirements they can appeal to Ms. Rzadzki, starting February, in room 312.  

A good breakfast allows you to start with the right foot.  

“Desayuno? Se necesita un buen desayuno para poder disfrutar del día, aunque sea muy temprano por lo menos esperas una mañana muy buena por la rica comida, IHOP es un lugar que me encanta, entonces para–Senior Breakfast espero que sea un día perfecto,” said senior, Alexandra Campos.  

Senior Breakfast allows you to hang out with your peers and get to know other seniors and celebrate the great years spent together.  

” The Class of 2022 is beyond excited for their fellow seniors to attend Senior Breakfast on Tuesday, May 24th from 12:30-3:00 PM. It is a wonderful way to wrap up the year, share memories and take pictures with their classmates and teachers. Seniors put on their best dress clothes and embark on a boat cruise in downtown Chicago. You can get the best pictures of your friends with the city as your backdrop! The senior class of 2022 can expect there to be a delicious breakfast and a DJ. Maybe practice your dance moves before prom!?” said Ms. Sandoval, who’s is one of the coordinators of activities for the Class of 2022.  

Senior breakfast will cost a cost. $60 between April 6th and April 24th. After that, it is $75. Ticket sales end May 6th. Seniors are required to arrive at school in the auditorium at 8:45 AM and will be returning to the building after 3:00 PM.  

Prom is the biggest senior activity before graduation. And according to Ambassador Limousine in their article “Prom Facts, You Never Knew!” A girl, before deciding which dress she will buy, will try on more than 10 dresses.   

Many senior girls at Morton East have bought their prom dresses or are saving up for other things.  

” Yes, I bought my dress not long ago and it is arriving in two days. I am excited, I know it is early and we don’t know the theme but the rumors that I have heard my dress will go with it. Plus, it also gives me time to make any arrangements for the dress,” said Marisol Saucedo.  

” I honestly haven’t been saving up for my prom dress because I’ve been saving up for college,” Athenea España said. 

“Unfortunately, I’m a fussy person when it comes to a dress. I don’t like everything and currently, I’m unemployed but I’m hoping that I will go to buy my dress by April or anytime soon,” said Ivette Rendon. 

“No eh comprado mi vestido! Creo que todavía me sobra mucho tiempo para buscar uno, y pues será la primera vez que me ponga un vestido así de elegante. No soy muy fan de vestidos, entonces creo que esa e la razón por la cual no me eh preocupado tanto,” said Anahi Anacleto.  

The theme of prom will be something big and different from previous years. And the class of 2023 is doing its best to organize and plan the biggest event of the school year.  

“We have a theme in mind. We have a lot of decorations for the roaring ’20s and that’s the theme that would benefit us the most because we wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations. But we are open to hearing our Seniors’ interests,” said Ms. Ortiz, who is an advisor of the class of 2023 club.  

Rumors around Morton East of the theme being, the popular game of 2020, “Among Us” which upset a lot of current seniors.  

“I heard about it; I saw the post. But it’s just a rumor we are not doing ‘Among Us’ for prom.”  

Ticket costs from prom have still been determined.  

“We don’t have an exact amount, but I do know that they’ll start from…around $60-$70. This will cover the price of food and the place itself, DJ, and everything else. The food itself is really expensive, a plate of food can cost around $50, which is why it’s expensive,” said Ms. Ortiz.  

 The prom is set to be on May 26th from 6 PM to 11 PM at the Stevens Convention Center. Ticket Cost has not been released, but there will be more information in early May, proof of vaccination to attend will require for anyone 19 and older.   

Summa Cum Laude only a small group of students were able to receive this honor. 149 seniors will be wearing white gowns and caps, these students received a 3.9 GPA or Higher accomplishing a big milestone.  

A few of the 149 students share their thoughts in this big recognition.  

“Graduating in white has always been my goal since the beginning of high school and has motivated me to continue working hard and receiving good grades. And I was nervous when I found out I was part of Summa Cum Laude,” Jasmin said.  

” Summa Cum Laude is important to me because it represents the achievements and challenging work that I’ve been able to pull off through high school. It shows that challenging work and dedication leads you to the accomplishments that will guide me to my future and beyond,” said Athenea.   

” Well summa cum laude is important to me because my mom has always wished for one of my siblings to graduate in white and I was the first one to do so,” said Josue.  

Caps and gowns are the closure of the year of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears and the end of a chapter.  

 According to College Times, “11 things you (probably) didn’t know about…graduation,” The tradition of tossing caps in the air originated during the Naval Ceremony in 1912.  

Students share their ideas of decorating their caps for graduation if it is permitted.   

” I don’t know how I want to decorate my cap, but since I love reading books, fantasy books, maybe something related to a quote and the aesthetic of the book,” Jasmin said.   

“If caps were allowed to be decorated,” pauses to think, “I think…I would decorate mine with either a quote or something that has a special meaning or symbol that I have experienced through high school or that represents me,” Athenea said.  

“If we can decorate our caps, I would include a design that had a takuache/Chicano design,” Josue said.  

” Mm… for me something glamorous. I think glitter will be the main part of it, my name in cursive letters, some memorable pictures of my senior year. I hope thou, that it’s permitted. I even maybe change my theme for my cap a million times, but it will be so pretty,” said Ivette.  

Everyone has amazing ideas, and each is unique. Glad to confirm that graduation caps will be able to be decorated but only appropriately, and guidelines will be posted on the seniors’ activities website.   

Graduation day was set to be on May 28, 2022, but was changed at the last moment due to Covid-19 mitigations, to May 31, 2022, at Morton West stadium, and the ceremony will start at 8 PM.  

This day will be a special day that many will look back on.