Morton students read over break

Aileen Vasquez, reporter

A significant number of Morton East students will read during the Christmas break – but more will not.

In a random survey of 50 Morton students, 14 students said they plan on reading over break;  36  said they will not read  during the Christmas break .

According to Merrimack College’s “5 Reasons Reading is So Important for Student Success,” kids should still be reading during the Christmas break because it will allow students to learn how to use language to make sense of the world. And, reading helps students develop higher levels of focus and concentration.  It also forces the reader to sort things out in  their own minds.

“What I love about reading is that you can just imagine the story in your head, it’s like you can see it while reading — one of the best feelings ever. Yes I will be reading over break,” said senior Alondra Diosdado who plans to read.

But, not everyone likes reading.

“I think reading is a very helpful but personally it is hard for me to find a good book to read ,” senior  Fatima Garcia  said.

Even those who are not interested in reading, know it is valuable, though.

“I tell my students that reading is really the only thing that is proven to make you smarter. I bet the most influential people in the world today — rappers, politicians, athletes, movie stars, gamers, medical and business professionals — are all readers. Reading builds critical thought, provides you with a library of background information for problem solving, and improves your vocabulary and communication skills. And, guess what, the only way to become a better reader is to read, read, read,” English teacher Mr. Kent Frankfother said.

The library is celebrating reading right now with their 10 Book Challenge.

“We have a list  of 10  book challenge there are more than  50 books that student could choose form there are  new author’s  ,and  new  books and we always pick the once on the top of the chart so there popular ,and on the 10 book challenge list. If you join the 10 book challenge you don’t have to read any of the 10 books that they gave you .If you have other book you like to read that’s allowed,” librarian Olga Alcantar said.

For the young adults who don’t like to read, here are some books the librarian recommends:

  • Dragon Hoops
  • Stamped
  • Girls on the Verge
  • Wilder Girls
  • The Grace Year
  • Opposite of Always
  • Two Keep a Secret
  • Al final mureren lodos  hijos df sangre y hue so