Family pajamas still popular with some


Yair Zecena, reporter

Some students still wake up to Christmas in their new Christmas PJs.

According to “The use of Christmas pajamas generates heated debates on social networks and they even question Dominican’s,” putting on pajamas at Christmas has become a very famous trend among families.  Next to Christmas trees, families will take photos in their new Christmas pajamas before heading off to sleep in the new designs and colors of the season.

Just as there are many people who think the pajama tradition is something very nice, there are also others who do not buy into it. (These might be the same people who make fun of the values of other cultures or religions.)

Those who are in favor of Christmas PJs say that each person’s decision is respected and that it is the parents who decide whether they want to dress their children in a certain way.

In my second term with Ms. Mendoza, only 5 out of 23 students put on pajamas with their family this past Christmas. Of those five students, only two are sure that this Christmas they are going to put on pajamas again; the other three are not sure about that.

“Cuando era una niña como no teníamos dinero, tu abuela se la pasaba todo diciembre haciendo pijamas para todos los patojos (niños). Me acuerdo que tu abuela iba con sus amigas a vender fruta para conseguir algo de dinero y comprar hilo, mucho hilo. Por eso ahora que si tenemos dinero me gusta que nos pongamos pijamas para recordar a tu abuela,” Mi madre Irma dijo.

Some people sometimes have fond memories mixed with painful ones, and that’s what makes this season difficult for many.

“For this Christmas season I do not like to dress, but I have a reason not to do it with my husband. When I was a girl in these Christmas times, my mother died and we used to like to wear pajamas as a family. I remember that she was 25 years old when she died. Since then I have no longer liked to wear pajamas for this time,” friend of my mother Sra. Elizabeth said.