East prefers making homemade gifts


Angel Miranda, Reporter

The majority of Morton East students made Christmas gifts for their family/significant other, survey says.

Until now you didn’t have a gift for your brother, sister, mom, dad, or maybe even your significant other. Oddly you chose the right article here are some inexpensive thoughtful girt ideas. According to its always autumn, “Wholefully gives recipes for 6 different soup mixes you can put in jars for easy DIY Christmas gifts that everyone will love. Gift them individually, or put a couple together in a basket for a really beautiful gift.” According to Beanstalk, “This rolling pin takes Christmas cookies to another level. Perfect as a hostess gift or for when you want to impress.” According to The mummy front, “Oh, and let’s not forget that wooden ornaments are the perfect handmade Christmas present idea too!” In a random survey of 50 Morton East students, 43 students reportedly made a homemade gift.

“Yes, a lot it was a bracelet that my daughter made,” security guard Teresa Baez said.

Others love the thought process in the gift making.

“I think there sweet and they have meaning. Cause there making it themselves and that adds meaning,” Morton East student Kelly. B said.

But others already know there spending money.

“I haven’t spent nothing yet but plan to. $150. I don’t want to spend that much just an estimate amount,” Staff member Mr. A said.

Some seem to struggle.

“Yes there very picky, what if they don’t like it” Morton East student Iris G said.