Morton doesn’t want mustaches and beards


Literacy teacher Mr. Tony Asay sports the “no shave November” look.

Angel Miranda, Reporter

The majority of Morton East does not prefer facial hair, survey says.

According to medical daily, “A more comprehensive study that examined swabs taken from 408 bearded male hospital workers revealed that clean-shaved men were three times more likely than bearded men to carry harmful bacteria on their faces.” According to Real Men Real Style,” Drinking alcohol increases the conversion of DHT into ‘3-alpha diol’ – the main hormone responsible for hair growth speed and this can lead to your facial hair growing more quickly than normal.” According to mensxp “If you have pollen or dust allergies, start sporting a beard. It will help you. It has been proven, medically.” A random survey of 100 Morton East students, 67 students reported they didn’t prefer facial hair

“It just started growing and quickly, so I kept it cause it makes me look older,” Morton East student Jesse Barrera said.

Some quotes can even be funny.

“Much better I shaved my beard once and I didn’t look in the mirror for a month, my wife made me sleep in the basement,” English teacher Steve Wascher said.

Other people have different reasons for shaving.

“Shaving everyday mine grows really fast the more I shave it’s like the faster it grows, and if I don’t shave I look unprofessional,” security guard Juan Aranda said.

Some staff just like the way it looks.

“Yes I do, I just prefer it that way the look is just more appealing for me,” security guard Teresa Baez said.

Some staff prefer to do things themselves.

“I trim it and line it up myself,” English teacher Mr. Robison said.