Top “spooky” season movies per Morton East

The top Halloween movie to watch is “The Conjuring” chosen by Morton East students. 

There are many movies that people like to watch during October when Halloween is close by, and everyone is in the “spooky” spirit” which include “Scream”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Saw”, “Coraline”, “Halloween”, and the top pick “The Conjuring”. Watching scary movies during Halloween is a very common thing which people enjoy doing. Scary movies are something you either really love or avoid at all costs. In fact, most people like the feeling of fear in them because it helps them recover from being scared.  

In a random survey of 414 students, 254 of them voted on “The Conjuring”, which turns out to be one of the most popular movies to be seen at Morton East High School. Out of the 5 stars that any movie can get which is the best, it has 4.7 stars and really close to a perfect 5. The movie is 8 years old and is still being played to this day and will remain popular because of how scary the storyline is.  

According to the article “Highsnobiety”, “The Conjuring” series are shining examples of why tensions should be omnipresent throughout. But some people have different thoughts about watching it. 

“I liked the first ‘Conjuring’, but I plan on watching ‘Midnight Mass’. I look forward to watching new ‘Halloween’ coming out in October,” English teacher Mr. Sujak said. 

Not a lot of people enjoy watching horror movies during the season of Halloween. Some Morton teachers don’t watch horror movies, some enjoy watching Disney Halloween movies or more classic Halloween movies.  

“’The Book of life’ is my huge favorites; I usually wait until November to watch it but it’s my all-time favorite to watch every year.  (I’m not) a very big fan of scary movies, I’m more into fun Halloween movies,” Mr. Logan Brown said.  “My girlfriend likes scary movies, so I have to watch them with her,” Mr. Brown said. 

 Others watch other types of movies during Halloween that isn’t part of the season, or something related to Halloween.  

“I like to watch ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Star Wars’; I don’t like to watch scary movies. Music teacher Mr. Toms. 

“Probably ‘Halloween town’ movies from Disney, one of my favorites because they were making it during my teenage years. If it’s on T.V I do plan on watching it again,” Social Science teacher Ms. Couch.