What will Morton East students do after high school?

Jobani Delgado, reporter

Most students at Morton East will go on to some sort of education after high school.

According to “bestcolleges.com”, In the fall of 2020, there were 19.7 million students that were enrolled at U.S postsecondary institutions. This includes many different types of students that are part-time as well as full-time students. Out of the 19.7 million students that attended college in the fall of 2020, 11.3 million were female and only 8.5 million were male. Many students decide to go to college part-time and work part-time. Other students decide to attend college full time. Other students decide to get involved in the military and maybe pursue a different career path after their service. According to the Morton East College and Career Center Bulletin 80% of 2019-2020 students decided to attend a form of school/education after high school. That includes a 4-year university/college, community college, and a sort of apprenticeship or trade school. Only 3% decided to join the military and 17% decided to work or volunteer full time. According to a poll of 50 Morton East students, 78% (39 students) are planning on going to a form of school after high school. And 22% (11 students) are planning on working after high school.

“I will sork part-time to help fund my education in Morton College where I will pursue a career in government,” said senior Joshua Arenas.

A lot of senior students also plan on working and going to school at the same time.

” I will be in college running track at Saint Xavier University and majoring in history,” said senior Amari Whitmore.

Most of the people at Morton on planning on pursuing a form of education.

” I am going to major in nursing at UIC,” said Janet Campos