Summer work means money for college

Asha Satti and Alexa Rocel

Most seniors start working to save up for college this summer.

According to Money Crashers, many summer jobs are great for high school students which allows them to make money and assert their independence. A summer job can help you earn an extra income, reduce your college tuition bill and gain practical experience for a future career. Figuring out what job you want to work in is the hard part as some pay little more than minimum wage, others offer surprisingly high pay, and may even extend health insurance benefits to part-timers. It’s better to find a job that you will enjoy doing during the summer that could set you up for success in whatever career you decide to pursue in the future. In a random survey of 71 Morton East students, 53 students reported that they’ll be working this summer. 18 students said that they won’t be working this summer.

“I am going to be working this summer at a small local business. The main reason I’m working is to earn money for college. My college is around $36,000, so I will be working roughly 40 hours a week as I have for the past 4 summers,” senior Alexa Osier said.

Some students may want to save up for college while others want to save for their future.

“This summer I do plan on working somewhere local in Cicero. The reason why I want to work is to try to save up money for the future,” senior Alex Orozco said.

While others just want to make money.

“After high school, I will be working full time; although it’s a low-paid job, I am trying to find a different job with a higher paying rate,” senior Alfredo Guardado said.