Summer after graduation what will you do? (Senior Edition)


Victor Quezada

Ivan Olivares is making sure important information is filled out before he starts his fall semester this year at Depaul.

Now that the second semester is coming to an end seniors around the country are thinking of what they’re going to be doing this summer. In a poll of 51 Morton East and West seniors, 36 seniors decided they will work over the summer after graduation. The legal age of working in Illinois is 16 according to but it is recommended to find jobs at the age of 18.

“Persuing who I really am before going to university to meet new people indulge myself in different cultures while pursuing electrical engineering,” Morton East senior Jhon Cabrera said.

After high school, university is where many students feel that they will find their calling in life and who they are as a person.

“I’m not so excited but more worried about the future, it’s just a little overwhelming with our 4 years already being over with. This summer I will most likely try and work and just enjoy myself most importantly,” Morton East senior Sam Medina said.

Being in a school with students that have been together for 4 years and leaving it to go on to even greater things does emotionally take a toll on some students except it’s also important that students take some time for themselves after working hard for the past 4 years.

“Work mostly being with my friends and shopping to get ready for college,” Morton East senior Emily Velasquez said.

Seniors over the summer are going to prepare for the next step in their future and focus on college while also keeping in touch with their friends.