Seniors decide what to do with uniforms

Karla Perez, reporter

Who really knows what happens to school uniforms after graduation? Morton students were asked in a survey what they plan to do with their Mustang uniform in a recent survey and their results were reported.  

 Oftentimes, students do not feel comfortable in their school uniforms, which has the power to shift their focus from actually learning in an educational environment. This makes one wonder what the mind of a student who’s almost done with their high school education, will be doing with their uniform soon, as graduation is being more often talked about. In a random survey of 100 Morton East’s students, 61% voted hand them to a younger family member, 23% voted keep them forever, 16% voted donate them, 13% voted garbage and 10% voted recycle them.  

 When students and building staff were asked, what they believed would be the smartest decision to do with school uniform after graduation, this is what they had to say. 

 Donate it! I would do this only because there’s someone who might need them to keep themselves warm. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t look forward to wearing my school uniform outside of the school building,” senior Giovanni Coss said.  

 Comparatively, other students happened to report the same answer, as well as some staff members.   

 “I know I’m not going to be wearing uniform inside of my home or want to be seen in it anywhere I go, the best thing I could do with my old uniform would be to donate it,” said senior Destiny Arroyo. 

 Meanwhile, students with younger siblings had other things to say about the future of their uniforms.  

 “I have both younger brothers and sisters who will be attending Morton soon, if not are already attending Morton. The smartest thing I believe to do with my uniform would be to hand them to my younger siblings until it’s time for them to walk across the stage,” said senior, Emily Curiel.