Students negatively impacted by quarantine


Jean Guerrero, Reporter

Most Morton East students are negatively impacted by quarantine. 

In a poll of 31 people, 18 said that they were negatively impacted by quarantine, 6 were positively impacted, and 7 weren’t impacted at all. According to “Kate Snow Investigates the Pandemic’s Effect on Teen Mental Health: ‘Our Kids Are Struggling’” by Ally Mauch, 56% of students said that the pandemic has raised their stress, being isolated as well as looking at a screen every day and with the weather, everything is helping the increase of stress.  

“Quarantine impacted my mental health in a negative way because I was dealing with the death of my closest friend and not being able to go out just made me think more,” senior Edwin Limon said.  

As expected, some students have been impacted negatively and that has been reflected in their state of mind as well as school performance.  

“My grades are failing, and my anxiety and depression has gotten a lot worse,” senior Giancarlo Duron said. 

Even though, the negative out weights the positive, there were some students that were positively impacted by quarantine.  

“I have been by myself a lot I’ve been learning new things, changing for a better me,” senior Maribel Jacobo said.