High school student workers


Maria Noriega, Reporter

How many students go to work right after having school?

Well, there were thirty-three students who go to work right after school and seventeen students that do not go to work right after school. In the year 2020-2021, there has been an increase in high school student workers many because they want to help out their family’s during the hard times. Usually having a job in high school can teach you the value of money and how hard you have to work for it. About 30 percent of students in high school go to work right after school. Most students go to save up for college or other expenses. Work can also strengthen organization skills and a sense of responsibility that can increase.

“Work has made me more thoughtful on what to waste my money on,” Co-worker Jose said.

Students feel that work has a lot of advantages and can be good for us.

“Starting to work helped me and my family during the hard times because my parents stopped working for some time and I was able to help them with some money,” Eric, Co-worker from McDonald’s said.

Other people may think about more of the cons of working and going to school.

“Once you start to work school becomes more difficult because you start losing track of school work,” a Manager from McDonald’s said.

Others might disagree with this because they don’t believe that work is affecting their school work at all.

“I believe since I have been working here I have been doing better with school actually because I have been doing all my work on time and earning good grades,”  Anna a Target high school worker said.

Students strongly agree with this statement because they believe since they started school there grades have been going up rather than down.

“Working has helped me be more responsible and to do all my work which has been good for me and my parents also believe it because they have seen my improvement,” Tony the Target worker said.