Which do East students prefer — cats or dogs?


Elizabeth Hilario

Cats or dogs

Elizabeth Hilario, reporter

It seems Morton East students prefer cats over dogs.

In a random survey of 50 students, 83 percent choose dogs and 21 percent choose cats.

“Personally I prefer dogs more than cats. Not because I have a dog, but I think dogs are more playful and the best to own. They’re the greatest best friends a human being can ever have. Also, dogs are very protective of their owners and they are the best companion to have. Dogs are more loyal and you can have a bigger connection with them than cats in my personal opinion,” Senior Michelle Velazquez said.

Some students prefer dogs because they are more playful.

“I prefer cats because it was my first pet they are very loving I’ve never had a dog so I wouldn’t know,” Senior Anarely Diaz said.

Others enjoy having cats than dogs.

“I prefer dogs because they don’t scratch and cats are more difficult since they don’t like water. I just always had dogs and never had a cat so I’m not sure how it is to have a cat,” Senior Lorena Cabrales said.

They like dogs because it’s easier to have a dog.