Half of students work out during pandemic


Derrick Mercado , Reporter

About half of students say they are focusing on exercise since Covid-19 hit.

In a survey of 41 Morton East students, 23 said they did workouts during the pandemic to stay active. Staying active while being inside during Covid-19 has been essential to a lot of people’s health. According to The New York Times, they expected that people’s working out habits would drop and that’s what happened since quarantine started. Interestingly enough when gyms first started to close more people felt less motivated to work out at home. Initially, people stopped working out but then the numbers started to go up after the lockdown was lifted and some gyms started to open. Apparently to many teens working out habits worsened through the time sitting at home. More older people had the highest increase working out between the ages of 40-60. Diets have also been impacted heavily and more fast-food is being bought which is not good. Still, even the pandemic made a lot of people realize how much they need exercise some who never worked out started because they found a way it benefits them.

“I don’t really work out, but I’ll go play soccer or basketball with some friends every now and then.  I’ve never really gotten into lifting or anything but the pandemic sure changed how I used to like sports,” student Nathan Toledo said.

Other students think differently.

“I like to work out; I go to charter (gym) after school ends sometimes. I did feel sluggish and lazy for a minute when covid-19 started.  (Covid-19)  really changed how I looked at working out — even if I might skip a couple of days,” student Bryan Andrade said.

Some might agree that working out is good for them.

“I used to run in the park a lot, but then it got cold.  But,  I still try to be active at home by doing little things like stretching and walking on a treadmill.  This definitely makes me feel better than when just sit down all day,” student Jasmin Castillo said

Even so, some students found it more difficult to get into a good routine.

“Even when I try and even start to work out  I get distracted by so many other things like my phone or I procrastinate too much.  And,  work takes up a lot of my time, so I cant go whenever I want,” student Alex Ruiz said.