Fewer students tryout for sports due to Covid-19


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Covid has caused fewer Morton students to try out for sports this school year.

According to an ABC7 article by John Garcia, oddly, he reported that parents want sports to return even during a pandemic. Many students are stuck at home during the pandemic not being active which has caused some parents in Illinois to advocate for sports to return during the pandemic. In the article, Chris Buckner’s son who was a football player for Glenbard North took his own life which Chris believes was due to the isolation of being stuck at home and believes it’s important for sports to return this school year. In a random poll of 39 Morton students, 30 students said they aren’t trying out for a sport during Covid.

“Yes, we have seen lower numbers of athletes trying out for sports this year,” Morton Athletic director Nicole Ebsen said. 

There has been a decline in Morton students trying out due to some students being cautious whether or not the school helps prevent the spread of Covid.

The school can make people test before the sport comes back to school and stuff like that,” Morton East Senior Jose Lechuga said. 

The Morton athletic director added on to the subject and mentions what is being done to prevent this issue.

“All athletes are symptom checked upon getting on any shuttle bus or entering any practice. They have their temperature checked. There are multiple hand sanitization stations at the entrances of all facilities. All athletes must always wear a mask. There is signage reminding about social distancing and wearing a mask,” Morton Athletic director Nicole Ebsen said.  

Morton East student adds to what should be done and make it safer for students.

If the season does decide to come back, the athletics advisor can enforce the up and coming athletes to wear masks at all times during these practices and during the games, they do play. Since there are many big areas at Morton campuses athletes can spread Covid easily throughout both campuses,” Morton East senior Jonathan Palencia said.  

The swimming and water polo coach adds to the decrease in participation.

“During COVID-19, I have definitely seen a decline in sport participation. This decline is not just happening at Morton, but also at schools across the West Suburban Conference. Many schools that we swim with usually have two very full levels (Varsity & JV) only have one level this season because not enough swimmers came out to have both,” Morton water polo and swimming coach Kelly Bartosz said.

The water polo and swimming coach further adds the subject on the effectiveness of Morton’s Covid protocols.

I think the Morton Athletic Department has one of the better Covid-19 protocols that I have seen across the conference. Hand sanitizer is not only installed in every athletic facility but also, an individual bottle that can clip on your bag was provided for each athlete through a partnership with our booster club. The booster club also provided every athlete their own water bottle so the temptation to share was no longer an issue. The Athletic department has also installed floor dots in the facilities so athletes have a visual reminder of how to socially distance from each other,” Morton water polo and swimming coach Kelly Bartosz said.