Lonely Valentine’s Day for Morton students


Denycely Cante and Briana Maciel

In a random survey of 131, Morton East students 106 said they did not have a Valentine this year.

According to Jessica Dickler, 1 in 10 couples aren’t financial stable to maintain a relationship. Many couples lost their jobs, or had their hours cut this is all due to COVID-19. This year couples didn’t go all out on Valentine’s Day in order to save money. Only 17% less people spent Valentine’s Day together this year. Valentine’s  day isn’t only for romantic love , it’s for all types of love. Many people expressed their  love with there children , parents, and friends.

“Well personally I just didn’t have a Valentine because I have been focusing on school trying to finish senior year strong and I feel that having a valentine would lose my train of thought. However, I did buy my mom some flowers and chocolates because she means the world to me,” Morton West student Luis Sanchez said.

The safety rules of masking and distancing didn’t make it easy to date.

“I didn’t  have a Valentine which I believe COVID did have an effect on due to not socializing nor meeting new people to create an intimate bond with as we are in a pandemic and have to socially distant from each other,” Morton East senior Michael Villegas said.

Many students didn’t got the chance to go out and spend it with their loved ones.

“I think Valentine’s this year was sad; no one was really able to go out with their significant others, and I didn’t get out this Valentine’s Day,” Morton East senior Alexza Lozada said.

“Well, I got a gift for my mom and sister and Yes this year was different because Valentines Days for me were always hanging out with friends. and it was nothing like that,” Morton East senior Ivett Meraz said.

However, some students did venture out — but with caution due to COVID-19.

“Yes I have a Valentines, and I can honestly say that  COVID wasn’t going to stop me from seeing someone I love and want to spend a special day with. My experience with Covid has been very hard for me and my family; it’s hard to see more people we love everyday, and it’s very scary because we don’t want to see our loved ones get sick,” Morton West senior Nevaeh Mondragon said.

“Yes I did go out for Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t get a gift because we said no gifts . This year was different  because last year I was working and this year I wasn’t and it felt weird not to work on a holiday,” Morton East senior Guadalupe Sandoval said.