“Messages” was best application of 2020

“Messages” was best application of 2020

Irene Carrera, Reporter

Messages was the best application to stay in touch with family and friends of last year for Morton East students.

According to mLive “Use these apps to stay connected to family, friends during coronavirus pandemic,” by author Justine Lofton. Earlier the year of 2020 coronavirus because a worldwide pandemic which had families and friends be distant, video calls and virtual meetings because a daily thing. FaceTime on iPhone and only iPhone users were able to video chat up to 32 people. Zoom calls up to 100 people are free and if you wanted more people, a monthly fee of $14.99 is needed.  In a random survey of 117 Morton East Students, said 50% said “Messages” was the best application.

“I mainly use messages because I have most of my family there, and I find it quicker to contact them through there,” Senior Ivett Meraz said.

While people found themselves better with “Messages,” others found themselves better with FaceTime

“What I used the most during the pandemic to stay in touch with family I would normally use FaceTime because it was a great way to see the person and talk at the same time. We can be doing our own things but it always felt like we were together the whole time,” Cicero resident Alan Lopez said.

Technology has become a great use for people who have family living outside the country or state. Which also find a great use of using FaceTime.

“Technology has changed dramatically throughout the year and it is a great use to communicate with people around the world. For example, I have family members in Mexico and through these hard moments technology has helped me stay in touch with them and also see them through FaceTime call which is awesome!” Senior Itzel Buendia said.