Fewer students fill out college applications


Vivian G. Valencia, Reporter

Few students have actually applied to colleges this year, survey says.

According to the US News Education,  high school students should start getting their college applications started at the beginning of senior year.

Colleges sometimes inflict a deadline for applications although most applications that are begun during the fall time will have a deadline for January. Previously, 14.5 million students have enrolled in a private college, but something students might not know is that colleges look at students’ grades and curriculum since their Freshman year of High School, core classes are what can make or break a student’s academic future. Traditionally math, science, social sciences, foreign languages, and English are the main high school core classes. Usually, colleges will try to be fair with students from all backgrounds, as they earn their credits throughout high school.

In a survey of ten seniors who were asked if they applied to school, only two said they had applied.  Meanwhile, seven said they haven’t applied. (One student said they will not be applying for college)  Interestingly, in another survey,  ten staff members were asked if it was fair for students to pay full price for college in 2020.  Six out of ten said it wasn’t fair to pay full price.

“I haven’t applied to colleges. I made my whole list of colleges I was planning on applying to and the early deadline dates and was somewhat prepared, but the overwhelming pressure of applying and having all your documents intimidated me and I practically gave up for early deadlines, regular deadlines are still up for debate. I might just have a gap year,” senior Elijah Rodriguez said.

Of course, other seniors took advantage of early administration.

“Yes, I have applied to college.  I applied to at least ten so that I would have a variety to choose from. I have already been accepted into Dominican, Illinois, and Benedictine University,” senior Melanie Palencia said.

Not all seniors have their futures thought out or semi-planned out like Melanie.  And, others have thought it out and decided that college isn’t for them.

“I think some students do not apply to college because they either feel like it’s too late, which is not the case for all colleges. Every college/university has different deadlines ranging from December 1, 2020, to August 2021. There are early-admission and early-decision deadlines, regular deadlines, and rolling admissions, you just have to do your research and/or ask for help. I think another reason why some students do not apply or attend college because they have no idea where to start. It is especially hard if you are a first-generation college student with no one at home to guide you through the process. That is what the College and Career Center is for; to help you all navigate through the college application process or any other post-secondary plans you may have. Some students also do not apply because college is not in their plan. They want to pursue military options, apprenticeships, or trade schools, and that’s okay too,” college and career center coordinator Ms. Marisol Avila said.

Although this year has been a bit odd due to Covid-19, schools have found a way to keep up with students’ education; even though it’s not easy and not fun, it sure does seal the deal.