Failures may be way up due to Covid-19

Jacquelin Ornelas, reporter

The majority of Morton East students believe that COVID has affected the number of failures this semester.

According to, the pandemic is overwhelming the function and education of the students and teachers. Initially, in early spring, the pandemic was hitting its first peek, the virus consigned nearly all over 55 million U.S schoolchildren under the age of 18 to stay in their homes. Not only did the students lack daily access to the school and basic supports schools provide for many students, but they also lost out on group activities and team sports. Many educational systems were not built, nor prepared to cope with a situation like this. According to my survey, 93% of students believe that covid has affected the number of failures this semester (93% voted yes and 8% voted no).

“Trying to learn through a screen for hours every day is very hard. I’m more of a visual learner and learning through these slow and constant freezing video calls, can be very frustrating and difficult,” Senior Isabela Alvarado said.

Meanwhile, other students are having trouble focusing through these video calls.

“There are times where I don’t feel motivated to do any work. It’s not the same trying to ask questions here when I’m confused as to asking when we were in school. I feel like I just turn on my computer at times and just focus on other things. Sometimes I just sit in front of the screen and I don’t understand what’s going on,” Senior Josue Diaz said.

Students keep saying that they haven’t learned anything during this pandemic.

“Learning wise, I haven’t learned anything. I’ve just been keeping up with my work. Covid has affected my grades this semester because I don’t like sitting for so long at home looking at a screen all day. I’ve technically had to teach myself many of the work that could’ve been taught properly if we were in school,” Student George Villegas said.

Furthermore, parents are seeing their kids struggle more.

“Aprender a través de la computadora simplemente no funciona. Es difícil para mi hija de secundaria, imaginate a mi hijo de 8 años. Constantemente recibo llamadas porque no se concentra y no lo Culpo por complete. De ir a la escuela todos los dias a estar detrás de una pantalla durante horas es un cambio drástico,” parent Camila Reyes said.