Coronavirus makes college decisions difficult

Coronavirus makes college decisions difficult

Derrick Mercado , Reporter

Coronavirus is affecting student’s college decisions.

According to, “National Conference of State Legislatures,” college enrollment is expected to drop by 15% while it already has been on the decline over these past months. Also, studies show that at least 20% of students in college are having a problem with technology in some way. Apparently, there are a lot of high school students mostly seniors who are worried that they will not be financially able to afford college because the virus has made things more difficult. In addition, the article also talked about when colleges transitioned to remote learning students did not feel as they were learning what they should have and it should cost less so that might have affected college enrollment as well. In a survey taken only by Morton East students, 22 students out of 27 have said Coronavirus will affect what they do after high school.

“It’s not going to really impact me I already know I’m not going to college but not because of Covid-19,” said senior Fernando Orozco.

Although, others might not share the same opinion.

“I’ve already decided that I am going to college most likely Morton anyways it’s virtual anyway so it might be interesting,” said Morton East student Alexis Munoz.

Even so, most students agree with her.

“I am a junior, but I do think I’m going (to college) right after high school depending on how bad the virus is.  But, I do know a lot of seniors who aren’t going because of coronavirus,” said junior Jose.

Whereas, others might not follow that same idea.

“Unfortunately, I will not be going to college, at least not this year maybe the next but for now I’m going to continue to go to school and work,” said Alisa N.