Should you date during COVID-19?

Jonathan Palencia, reporter

The majority of Morton East High school students think that dating during Covid 19 is a good idea. 

According to Love Under Lockdown” by Keyonna Summers, dating during the COVID virus can be difficult to cope with. Due to people having to stay indoors because of quarantine couples are spending more time with each other. Couples who are long in a distanced relationship are usually well prepared for this, they have Nemours strategies to do things together through technology. Sex can also be oddly difficult to perform during this pandemic for couples who have kids since they are constantly at home. Couples who are going through rough times in their relationships can rebuild their relationship through this pandemic. 

 I think the fact the people can meet online makes dating possible where it might have been much harder having this happened 20 years ago.  With proper safety precautions like masks and distancing, it seems like it’s possible for people to meet in person safely too, especially for outdoor activities.  But, like with dating generally, it’s important to speak up about what your expectations and boundaries are—just like with safe sex, safe dating means speaking up, having sometimes uncomfortable conversations, and insisting on taking precautions,” Morton East school social worker Erica Hade said. 

For some, dating can be a vacation away from an otherwise lonely place in the pandemic.

 It is a good idea (to date) because you have someone to be a distraction.  It’s also a good idea to have someone to talk to about what goes on with your problems at home.  (Dating) helps with my depression and anxiety; I love this kid to death,” senior Denise Garcia said. 

Of course, that distraction can be dangerous if you don’t use common sense.

As far as physical contact, public health guidelines say that people should have physical contact with very few people who also have close contact with few people.  A relationship where both partners know who the other partner is spending time with and what safety precautions they are taking might work, especially if the partners get tested when appropriate.  But with any close contact, even with families who live together, there is a risk of spreading the virus so it’s important to consider what the risks to yourself, your family or the community might be,” social worker Erica Hade said. 

However, to be totally safe, get to know each other through technology.  Dating doesn’t have to mean in person.  Save any physical contact for later — after the vaccine.

I think dating during covid-19 is a good idea for some people because there are still benefits to it. Face-time calls are a safe and better way to stay in touch,” senior Lesly Leon said. 

Another student agrees.

I think dating is a good idea for some people that need attention because they need some type of human interaction and need some comfort during these times,” senior Sari Hernandez said. 

But, play it cool.

I do indeed believe that is a good idea during the Covid-19 pandemic.  It would be a good way trelieve the stress that people may have,  Some people might have anxiety or depression and just being with someone might just comfort them and make them feel loved and better. It is a good time to get to know each other more — just vibe with each other,” senior Jonathan Palencia said. 

But, some students think it’s better to save dating for later.  

I believe dating during ‘rona season is not a good idea because in order to get to know that person more, you would need to spend physical time together multiple times.  I just don’t think people would be willing to risk getting the virus.   Also, it wouldn’t be such a good idea because the cases in Illinois have been rising lately.  I would rather stay safe at my house, senior Edgar Obregon said.