Many students believe in spirits

Daniel Ornelas, reporter

The majority of Morton East students do in fact believe in spirits. 

According to “,” Pliney the young in the first century of A.D, was the first to record ghosts and spirits stories in his letters. Also from “History,com,” centuries later, in 856 A.D, the first poltergeist was reported at a farmhouse in Germany. A “poltergeist” is a ghost or spirit that affects physical things, like loud noises, objects falling, or being thrown around. Currently, some of the most famous media ghosts are “Ghostbusters” and ”A Christmas Carole.” Ghost hunters use an EMF meter to detect ghosts. Interestingly, according to “,” the signs of a ghost are temperature change in a room, doors opening and closing on their own, and even unexplained smells filling a room. In a random poll of 50 Morton East students, 46 students report believing in spirits.

“I do think spirits exist. I think energy just changes form, like from a solid to a gas, in my opinion. It can’t be destroyed or change so I think spirits are all around us but we just don’t take the time to really decipher it,” senior Angel Luna said.

Some people do believe in spirits, but others have a more complicated response to the question.

“I’m not sure if I believe in spirits if that makes sense. It’s like, I’ve never seen one, but my wife says she has and she’s like the most honest person I’ve ever met,” Morton East teacher Jeremy Robinson said.

Some people don’t believe in spirits like others do, with their own reasons.

“Pienso que eso no existe, que la gente lo ace para creer en algo,” father and roof worker Juan Ornelas said.