Dating During Covid-19? No easy answer

Denise Garcia , Reporter

Thinking about dating during Covid-19? Everyone seems to have a “yes or no” mindset on whether you should do it.

When Covid-19 hit, many people’s social and emotional health went downhill; it’s possible, for some. dating and trying out a relationship helps.   For others, it’s just too difficult to have a relationship while social distancing.

According to Hackensack Meridian Health, dating during Covid-19 can be extremely hard, and they usually recommend you to start online. For example start by doing calls, FaceTime, or skype to get used to seeing the person and even though it is not in person, it will help a lot. Since being in a relationship during a huge pandemic can be hard, people always think about holding hands, kissing and possibly having sex. It can be a huge risk factor because you do not really know if the other person came out Positive. It is less risky to be tested before any sexual contact, and it is better for both people. However, some people might be comfortable having sex with someone that is negative and that person is positive, it is all about comfortableness. In a random survey of 53 Morton East students, seven students out of 53 say they are dating during Covid.

“I think dating during Covid is complicated but possible.  It is very hard to expect young people to put their lives on hold indefinitely, and I see in my job and in my personal life how much the isolation of this crisis is affecting people’s mental health,” school social worker Erica Hade said.

The pandemic may give you a lot of free time to date, but its hard to be affectionate if you’re contagious.

“I don’t mind dating while a whole pandemic is going on because I get to see my boyfriend every day, and it’s not really a problem. Although when I had Covid, it was hard seeing him because that’s when I needed him the most, and he couldn’t be near me and it affected me and our relationship,” Cassandra Lopez said.

But, another student feels differently.

“I’m not a huge fan of dating while this whole virus is going on, just mainly because I can’t really see my boyfriend, or be near him when I need him,” Naomy Campos Said.

In some cases,  the physical and emotional risks are too heavy.

“I don’t have a girlfriend, but I do imagine that dating during this pandemic can be very hard and risky at the same time. In my opinion, I would not date even if they paid me. Having a whole relationship during Covid can be very exhausted and very depressing,” senior Josue Diaz said.

Of course, when things work out and lead to marriage, your husband, wife and family are all there to support each other.

“Being married is good while a whole pandemic is going on. I have the chance to be able to communicate with my husband and we are able to have time with you guys and also work on how we are going to manage the bills. I also have the chance to eat meals as a whole family and it’s been years since we’ve been able to do that,” parent Manuela Zubia said.

In addition Manuela notes the added challenges of a relationship during at this time.

“Being married during a pandemic can also be difficult;  a lot divorces can also happen. Kids can also have depression and can lose their jobs as well as their parents. Also, being in a relationship this time around can be rough because you can’t see your boyfriend or girlfriend,”  parent Manuela Zubia said.