What’s working to optimize how schools are conducting virtual learning?

Alexander Amaya

Morton East is doing several things to make sure its students are prepared for their future education.

According to edweek.org, they stated the following, “Schools across the country use virtual learning for more common occurrences, such as spikes in flu-related absences or inclement weather. Twelve states currently have explicit policies for “e-learning days,” which means they’re prepared to take students online in the event of a snow day or other emergency, according to a report from the Digital Learning Collaborative. How to access them, how they work, what’s expected from them. On the company’s end, an emergency generally prompts contact with local officials and sometimes involves lifting existing caps on the number of students who can “enroll” in an online-charter offering, she said.” This proves how schools have plans for any occasion necessary.” I’ll also add that this helping because then this way it can reduce a person to person contact and avoid the spread of the virus in our common areas. Also, this is beneficial because then students like us won’t lose our education. Some interesting facts about virtual learning are that Virtual and augmented reality education software is projected to reach $300 million in revenue by 2020. The e-learning industry is expected to triple its size from 2020 to 2025. This just means that e-learning will increase from time to time. 50% of students in various higher education institutions have taken an online course in the past year. This proves why e-learning is good and it’s easier in away. Also, when asked, 60% of Internet users reported that online courses are preferable to fit their lifestyle and schedules. Lastly, since 2000, the e-learning global industry grew by 900%.

“It’s a little challenging because it’s not the same with you being in class since you can’t do some problems or work with the teacher being there helping in each step,” Senior Randy Calixto said.

This is one of the things that students may feel when doing virtual learning because the whole environment changes around them and it’s a new working space for students and teachers.

“This is a way better experience because for once we don’t feel pressured by our teachers and can do work calmly without feeling the need for finishing this up on the same day,” Junior Ramon Alamos said.

I agree with him because teachers tend to pressure students and like constantly remind them of what gets done on the daily so in a way students get to relax from that and not feel pressured for once.

“Virtual learning is far the best thing there is because schoolwork is so much easier and I don’t have to worry about getting things done that same day,” sophomore Anahi Gomez.

The work given to us is a lot and new homework is provided every week but even then this is great to be completely honest.  In a way, students don’t have to worry about turning things on that same day because eventually, they’ll have a week to do so depending on how their teachers manage their assignments.