V-Day: half boo, half No boo

Half of us may be alone this Valentine’s Day.

This year, Americans are expected to spend $19.7 billion on Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation. The five most common items purchased for the holiday and their average prices, according to Bankrate, are a box of chocolates ($15.11), diamond earrings ($323.26), a dozen roses ($41.66), dinner for two ($80.46), and a bottle of champagne ($51.54). Fifty-three percent of single people are women and 47% are men. In a random survey of 93 Morton East students, 50.5% of students reported spending Valentine’s day alone. 

The students spending the day alone already have some sort of plan. 

“Probably just stay at home and do homework or something,” said junior Daniel.  

While others enjoy doing absolutely nothing. 

“I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day sleep,” said senior Isabella 

But someone has a very memorable day ahead of them. 

Currently I have a fantastic evening planned with my kids and husband to go to the hospital to visit my niece and her son,”  said school counselor Monica Melendez.

On the other hand, the ideal date for students can vary 

“I would want just myself in front of my tv and some peace and quiet,”  said school counselor Monica Melendez.

While another student likes to take it a little old school.  

“I would go and get milkshakes somewhere,” said junior Daniel.