What’s the ideal perfect date?


Senior Evelyn Rosales receiving a carnation and a Ringpop

With Valentine’s Day here it’s time to give that special someone some roses and chocolates, but that’s not all you have to give her. Instead of giving roses and chocolates many people decide to take that special someone out to go eat or instead just spend the day together. This year, the United States people will spend over 27.4 billion dollars on this single day. This is a 32% increase from last year which the total cost was 20.7 billion. How far will you go to give that special someone that perfect date?

“My perfect date would be to stay at home and order some food and watch the notebook or the titanic.” Sophomore Angie Ocampo
Although some people like to be homebodies and stay inside, others like to go out and have activities to do outdoors.

“My perfect date would be to go downtown and ice skate! I mean who wouldn’t like to ice skate? It’s so romantic and would be the perfect time to make a move. Going to Starbucks after to just chill and warm-up would be so cute too.” Junior Rose Alvaro

Downtown and being in a crowd is one ideal date, but going out to eat and having more independent activities is also another perfect date idea.

“My perfect date would be to go to Olive Garden and go to the mall or the movies after.” Senior Daisy Yepez