Public transportation used by most

Is it reliable?

Nestor Aguilar, Zuzel Garcia, Viviana Colon, and Silvia Guadarrama

Surprisingly, 75 out of 100 Morton East students rely on using public transportation to get to school or go home.

According to American Public Transportation, on every weekday, people board public transportation 34 million times. Last year, Americans had taken 9.9 million trips on a public transit. Since 1997, the usage of public transportation has increased by about 19% in the United States. Public transportation has reduced air pollution. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 25 students reported that they do not rely on public transportation.

“In a year, I spend around $400 for bus fare,” senior Emily Ocampo said.

Although the cost of the bus is expensive for some, it’s still a reliable form of transportation.

“I feel like public transportation is a good thing because it helps you get you where you need to go,” sophomore Israel Arroyo said.

Public transportation is a huge help for many, but some still believe that newer transportation methods are a bad idea.

“Take the pace bus (or any other) depending on your location. Don’t use Uber or Lyft (I don’t trust them),” the head of security Linda “Scooby” Bultrini said.

Public transportation becomes more of a hassle during the winter.

“Yes, I have used the pace bus before during winter when the weather is terrible,” the head of security Linda said.

However, taking public transportation has its disadvantages.

“I don’t like taking the bus to school. Sometimes I get to school late because the bus didn’t come on time. Also, some kids are loud and it’s annoying having to deal with them on the bus,  ” senior Emmanuel Delgado said.

Public transportation can be a pain, but it is also very helpful to those who can’t rely on parents/siblings to get to school.