How do you get to school? Half walk, half ride


Morton East senior, Jonathan Avelar, taking his usual route to school.

The majority — but just by a little — of students are getting some exercise on the way to school.

In a random survey of 112 Morton East students, 7 students’ bike to school, 55 students ride/drive the car to school, and 55 students walk.  Based on this, 55 % of the students surveyed are getting some exercise on the way to school.  The other 45% are relaxing in a car or bus.

‘On occasion, my mother drops me off, but only when my mother is not busy. During the winter I have to walk. I like to walk when the weather is nice — (when there are) no weather problems besides temperature drops. I change the route sometimes when I need shortcuts such as alley ways. I have seen a car accident once where the cars collided into each other. I would consider staying home when the school is out or if my mother says do not go. Personally, I would get to school through public transportation instead of Uber or taxis due to the articles (about) people getting kidnapped (when using Uber).  I personally I feel safe getting to school, but I anything that can happen. One time me and my mother were walking to school and I fell, then my mother fell on top of me,’ Senior Tristan Sanchez said.

This isn’t the same for other students who are forced to walk or bike it due to the inability of getting a ride from home.

Many students wake up perhaps even two hours early to get to school because they tend to live far.  Since they can’t drive to school, they have no choice other than to walk or bike to school. According to the schools ‘we video’(daily video updating school data) recently there’s been in increase on tardies, and most of these tardies are due to over sleeping, excessive traffic, or recently, the amount of snow.

Many students who walk and bike tend to see bizarre events when arriving to school.

“(I go) walking. I have been in harsh weather like rain, snow blizzards..  I (often take) different routes. I saw people smoke weed and pass out. I’m 50/50 when it comes to walking, I like it because I’m losing weight, but I also get to school tired. I slipped on black ice (in) the intersection near incoming traffic,” said student Valentine Baez.

Students are not the only ones dealing with problems when arriving towards school.  Staff as well gave insight on how they get to school.  Mr. Dugan, Dean at Morton East, gives his insight.

“I drive a car to school it takes around 50 min to get to school. Most of the 4 years of working there was not a lot of bad weather but recently the rain and snow came. My car has broke down before so I had to rent a car. It takes me 3 to 4 hours to get to school through public transportation. I have seen cars on fire, lots of accidents. I almost got killed on Persian some guy almost t bone my car. The guy drove through a red light. I have seen students from our and other schools ditch. I almost hit a deer in Cicero, the deer ran on the street out of nowhere. I hate the route I take because I have to wait in the car due to slow traffic. If I’m really sick or I’m at a funeral in which I can’t come to school. But mainly I always come. I had to get home after 3-hour ride. I don’t feel any worry when I leave the home. I just have to leave home early, so I don’t get stuck in traffic,’” Mr. Dugan said.