Are phones making us dumb?

Kevyn Sanchez, reporter

The majority of East students think their smartphone is making them dumber – but they still use it.
In a random survey of 105 Morton East students, 62 students said their phones were making them dumber; the remaining 43 said the phones weren’t affecting them.
“Yes, they are making us dumb because there’s too much technology, it’s worse than having a drug addiction,” senior Jose Romero said.
Other students say the phone is messing with their minds because it’s a distraction.
“Yes, our phones are making us dumb because I use my phone a lot and I don’t pay attention to class or I don’t concentrate because my phone is next to me and I use it any time possible,” senior Daniela Dominguez said.
But some students still think the benefits of instant information outweigh the disadvantages.
“No, because phones are informing us more about the real world and we can get easier information to a question we have,” senior Anette Aguilar said.