Most girls are wearing fake eyelashes — and most guys like it


Putting fake eyelashes on Mr. Frankfother

Fortunately, for the majority of women at East who wear fake eyelashes, the majority of men at East find them attractive.

In a random survey of 100 East female students, 89 girls said they wear fake eyelashes.  In a random survey of 100 East male students, 83 of them said they find fake eyelashes attractive on girls.  Mink eyelashes are made from wild animal’s fur. This could be something new to females if they don’t know where their eyelashes come from. Mink fur is 100% natural. This can be a better buying option for females because it has a natural look; people won’t really tell if either they’re fake or real. Mink fur is collected by brushing the animal’s fur, they don’t kill them. This is an interesting fact because females may not wear Mink lashes because they are against the killing of animals.  But, eyelashes — especially the good ones — can be expensive.

“I spend about $50-$100 per month,” senior Jocelyn Martinez said.

While spending a large amount of money on eyelashes you probably shouldn’t wear those until you can afford to buy them yourself.

“A female should wear fake eyelashes at age 15,” junior Alondra Lara said.

Women may think wearing eyelashes at a young age it’s okay. Others may say otherwise.

“I have a 7-year-old daughter that thinks wearing eyelashes is okay,” Kate Hawley said.

Wearing fake lashes nowadays feels normal.

“Kiss and Maggie’s brands are the best eyelashes,” senior Annie Quintero said.

Some eyelashes brands are popular while others are not. Others may be cheaper, while others are expensive.

“Aliexpress is the best brand of lashes,” sophomore Lorena Medina.