Majority of East students have flown on airplanes

But, many still have not

Flavio Rivera, Eric Rincon, and Daniel Ceballos

The majority of Morton East students have been on an airplane — but a lot of students still haven’t been on one.

In a survey of 100 Morton East students, 62 students reported with a yes, and 38 responded with a no. Those numbers are surprising seeing that more than 44,000 planes fly every day. Did you know that airplanes are made to withstand the strikes of lightning since airplanes do attract lightning. A typical Boeing 747 is made up of 6 million parts and can still fly for up to 5 hours with one engine. There is no such thing as the “safest seat” on the airplane. The oxygen tank mask is only meant to last for about 15 minutes after initiated.

Though many students have flown, it still makes some students nervous.

“Only the landing and the take-off scare me,” Senior Brandon Saavendra said.
A significant number of students still haven’t been on an airplane, yet.

“I have never been on an airplane, but if I do, I would trust the pilots,” Junior Josh Sanchez said.
Others just don’t like being on planes because it’s hard to relax. (Of course, most of us are not flying first class.)

“The seats are uncomfortable, so they make the effect the experience on the plane,” Senior Maria Martinez said.

Of course, there are those who use airplanes as a common way to travel for certain occasions or simply business.

“I been on many airplanes, too many to count, but if I were to give it a number I’d probably say 15,” English teacher Mrs. Cortez said.