What was your worst Valentine’s Day Date?


Senior Adan Ortiz gets rejected by senior Brenda Yoc.

Valentine’s Day is not always a good day for people.   Many of us have had bad experiences on this day of love — in fact, it’s probably a dreaded day for about 15 percent of us.

As Valentine’s Day approaches many people have recalled about their past unmemorable dating experiences on this day. Many people have different opinions about Valentine’s Day. Many love this day because they get to demonstrate their love for their significant others but those who are single don’t have that same feeling towards this holiday. According to Good Housekeeping, “Historians believe Valentine’s Day began in Ancient Rome as a pagan fertility festival called Lupercalia, which included sacrificing animals and whipping women with animal skins until they bled, signifying their fertility.” This day was not always seen as we see it today. Many people believe Valentine’s Day is used for companies to sell products for a higher price since those who are in love go all out to prove their love. According to Staffs Live, “Valentine’s Day is just a regular day that has been commercialized. You don’t need to spend your money on presents that don’t have much sentiment. By that, I mean the overpriced roses, candy hearts, vaguely worded cards, and assorted chocolates. The strength of your relationship shouldn’t be based on how much money you spend. Instead, try to spend less money and more time together.” Many people today are forgetting the true meaning of this day. Many people have bad experiences on this day. According to RetailMeNot, “78 percent of Canadians feel Valentine’s Day is an overrated day.” In a survey of 109 Morton East student’s, 16 reported that they’ve had bad valentine’s day dates. 

“It was 4-5 years ago, and I was supposed to meet my date at a park, but she ended up going to a party. She told me to meet her at the park and when I went, she looked at me and all she told me was “hi” and then “bye,” and went back to the party,” senior Anthony Figueroa said.      

Anthony was not the only one of our fellow students to have a bad Valentine’s Day date.  

“Me and my ex were supposed to go on a date, so I decided to skip practice. She said that she couldn’t go and later that day I saw her at the mall with her guy friends,” sophomore Robert Olvera said. 

Students aren’t the only ones who remember having an awful date, but also one of our teachers.  

“I picked up my date and I took him to McDonald’s. He forgot his wallet and had an 8:30 curfew. He also dumped me because my car was messy,” Mrs. Rineheart said.