Should Valentines Day gifts be expensive or non-expensive?


Karina Ruiz, reporter

This Valentine’s Day if you want to be remembered, consider giving a more creative gift — these end up being the gifts and memories people hold on to.

The month of February is customarily associated with Valentine’s Day, which accompanies the exchanging of endearing gifts. Couples tend to shop for gifts they hope will please their partner, but only a few will get creative with their gifts. With the 14th of February approaching, girls and boys equally will stress over what can be given to their significant other to make it not only special but lovable as well. According to Life Hacks, one must “give a gift that keeps on giving.” In a survey of 130 Morton East students, 46 students report they have received a creative gift they still have, despite being or not being with the person anymore.

“Last year my boyfriend surprised me at my house with a dozen red heart-shaped balloons and a huge stuffed bear, I still have the balloons in my room, taped on the ceiling even though they have no air anymore,” senior Giselle Jimenez said.

Although some people do enjoy spending more money on gifts, others go a different route that’s more simple but overall still meaningful and sweet.

Aaron Fajardo said, “I plan to give my girlfriend a bouquet of roses, and a nice dinner”

There will always be those few people who decide to go all out to show their appreciation and love for their significant other.

Senior Junior Marie Santos said, “For Valentine’s Day I received a trip to Puerto Rico since I’m Puerto-Rican it was a very creative gift and experience.”

The old days consisted of non-materialistic gifts, yet couples still spent Valentine’s Day in a sweet and romantic manner.

“An ex-boyfriend took me out to an open field of flowers and picked a bunch of yellow flowers and made a flower crown out of it that he placed on my hair, we listened to old music we both enjoyed and talked,” my mother added.

Valentine’s Day is not only about gifts but spending it with those who make up a big part of your life and a simple I love you means more than money.