Paper work versus electronic work

Candy Flores, Bryan Benitez

The paper book and digital book showdown. It’s disappointing how people decide to read books online instead of a paper book.

Many people find it easier to do things with paper and pencil because that’s how they cope, as others find it simpler to do things on their phones to have it on the go.

According to Google In Massachusetts, it was districts that switched to online testing that had higher prior achievements. Back when they were taking tests on paper, these districts scored consistently higher year after year. Once the switch was made, their achievement fell, and it was closer to what the lower perfuming district was experiencing. University students find it easier to retain information when using books and handwritten notes rather than computers, According to a survey of European and Asian students. In a random survey of 120 Morton east students/ teachers/ our community, 78 students, teachers, and our community reported they prefer to work/ read on paper instead electronically.

“I have a little pocket journal, I just put the pen on the paper and just go. I don’t fully trust my iPhone to keep notes, but I do use the calendar app to keep track of test dates. I have a paper planner to keep track of my school assignments,” junior Jessica Fuentes said.

Morton East parents also had some an opinion.

“As a student, I used paper and it seemed to work perfectly fine, now everyone has phones and I really don’t know how it feels like to use your phone to do homework and things you need to do in school. I feel like it must be a lot easier and it will only keep getting easier as time goes on and things keep getting invented,” mother of Morton East student said.

Parents had similar thoughts.

“I prefer paper because its more reliable and with technology you have to depend on it so much that if one day, you run out of battery and you wouldn’t be able to do the tasks you were assigned, then you would be stuck doing nothing and probably get in trouble,” Morton East parent Salvador Flores said.

Students had some similar opinions.

“In my opinion, I prefer paper because what if you were online doing something and your work didn’t save, you can do your essay on paper and it will still be on paper. When I type things down on my phone, I forget that typed it in there, plus I have so many notes on my notes app. I rather just write it down on paper,” senior Natalia Cervantes said.

Some students also had different opinions.

“I personally prefer technology because with technology you have many sources if you have a question and I can type faster than writing on paper plus, my handwriting is not that good so typing fixes that,” senior Kevin Solis said