Morton loves homemade Valentine’s Day gifts

Kevin Castillo, reporter

Many Morton students love the idea of gifts being given to them that are homemade straight from the heart of the people they love.

There are many things people can spend money on for the people they love and care for, to which people are expected to spend a record of $161.94 billion this year despite fewer people celebrating the holiday. Although there are sometimes issues with this due to maybe an insufficient amount of money available to spend, or not being able to figure out what the perfect gift might be. For many people, making a homemade, heartfelt gift is the way to go as it also shows that you took the time to make a gift rather than go to the store and buying some random chocolates, where about more than 36 million boxes of chocolates are sold each year. After a survey conducted at Morton East, many agreed on receiving a homemade gift after 109 out of 120 students said they preferred homemade over store bought gifts.

Some people are very eager to receive homemade gifts.

”I think it’s really cool to receive a gift someone made for me, it makes me feel like I matter a lot since the person put aside time to make me something you know,” freshman Giselle Pinedo said.

“A gift I really love that my best friend made for me were these really nice friendship bracelets that had each other’s name on it, and honestly I wouldn’t trade it for the world, it’s my favorite gift without a doubt,” senior Vannity Bahena said.

Others, however, are the ones that make the gifts rather than receive.

“It’s a really good feeling when you show the person you made the gift for, that they’re worth the time and effort. Like the time I made a mini picture album of my wife and I through the past year before we got married,” Cicero resident and Morton alumni Vladimir Leon said.

“I made a photo calendar for my girlfriend that’s like a timeline of how long we’ve been together. I’ve never really done anything like that before and she really loved it so I think I’m going to start doing more things like that from now on,” senior Cesar Solis said.

Although, there are some people that really don’t care if they get a homemade or store bought gift.

“I mean, it’s really just the thought that counts, if the person really cares or loves you, it shouldn’t matter what you give them, as long as you let them know you really care for them no matter what,” senior Diana Cerda said.

Here are some websites to visit to create your own homemade gifts to that special someone: