How Morton East students survive Valentine’s Day


Credit: MasterEth

Silvia Jimenez, Ricardo Corona, and Brandon Hammond

Morton East students voiced their advice for people who are feeling down on Valentine’s Day for being single. 

 Valentine’s Day is based on Saint Valentine who died on February 14. He would secretly marry men and women after marriage was outlawed. According to every year, more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold across the country. Hallmark was one of the first to mass produce a Valentine’s Day card, all the way back in 1913. Finally, the only other day that beats Valentine’s Day in floral sales is Mother’s Day. In a random survey of 100 Morton East High School students, 68 students said they were in a relationship and 32 students said they were single.  

 “I am in a relationship and the only things I want on Valentine’s Day is attention and love from my boyfriend and to play the game “Smash” with him. I also plan to give stuff to my friends because I love them,” said senior student Angelica Vazquez.  

 Vazquez has a very short sweet response of her plan on Valentine’s Day regarding her friends and partner. Although, others have strong responses on how they visualize the holiday “Valentine’s Day”.  

 “I believe Valentine’s Day is a cute holiday and I like how my name is similar as Valentine. Some advice I would give on how to survive Valentine’s Day for my single peers is to hang out with friends or with cousins and have a good time. Do something with people you care about; they don’t always have to be significant others. Go to the movies, go out to eat, go to the arcade or go hang out someone’s house. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about being single or taken. It’s about being with people you love,” stated senior student Valentina Betancourt.  

 Valentina has a very different view on Valentine’s Day from people who are pessimists and sad to be lonely on Valentine’s Day. Valentina’s advice on “surviving” Valentine’s Day is very similar to the following advice. 

 “Yes, I’m single but I’ll probably hang out with some friends on Valentine’s Day. Last year, I downloaded BTS pictures on my phone. Honestly? When I get sad, I usually watch BTS videos because they make me generally happy. Their laughter is so pure and heartwarming it makes me feel so much better. But in the end, I believe for those who are single should just live it as a normal day. In my opinion, you don’t need a date on this day to feel loved or wanted,” said senior Beyonce Hernandez.  

 As they both said, Valentine’s Day is not just for people in relationships, but for spending it with the people is what matters and sharing good memories. A Morton East student later went on to say singles should have their share of fun on Valentine’s Day the same as people in relationships. 

 “On Valentine’s Day I’ll go home. Maybe hang out with friends. Just normal day chilling. Advice for single people is that I don’t think Valentine’s Day should be a sad day for singles. Singles can go out and have their fun too. So, go out and have your own fun!” exclaimed junior Evelyn Marquez.