Most students have iPhones

According to a random survey made at Morton East High School, out of 126 students, only 5 don’t own an iPhone.

One hundred twenty-one students do own an iPhone and 30 students own the newest and most expensive iPhone — that is over $1,000!  According to, the current global population is at about 7.4 billion and 33.33% of smartphone users are iPhone users.

Sophomore Adrian Salto said, “My opinion is that I really like Apple products because they are really nice, I even got the Air pods when they first came out and I use them every day.”

Another student felt differently though.

Justin Chapa said, “I feel like it’s pointless to pay over a thousand dollars for an Apple phone when my Samsung functions the same.”

With shown results, the popularity of iPhone products at Morton East was actually pretty high with 121 students owning one.