Are you banking yet?  Half already are


Got a new credit card? Beware! It’s easy to accrue big debt when you don’t see the cash coming out of your pocket.

Ever wonder how many students at your school have bank accounts?  About half of East students are banking, survey says.  

In a recent at Morton East High School, it was discovered that about half of the students in the school have a bank account.  In a random survey of 100 students at Morton East, 54 students have a bank account and 46 students do not have a bank account.  High School is typically the age when students start to get working jobs. With having a job, students have money coming in and most start up a bank account to secure their money in a safe place.  A bank account is created with a bank of your choice to help finance your money.   Chase, Fifth-Third, US Bank and BMO Harris are among the banks in the area.

Students in high school tend to share bank accounts with their parents or guardian. The reason for that is Most students in High School are under the age of 18 and can’t open an account on their own.  

“I share bank accounts with my mom, and I have a debit card,”  student Daniel Venegas said.  

There are many ways to maintain a credit card, and to be successful in keeping a good score on your credit, for example paying off everything on time either all at once or in payments. 

“It is simple by paying every bill off on time and in full,”  consumer education teacher Mr. Pyburn said.  

Being employed is a big factor in maintaining and getting a good score in your credit because` that way you’ll be able to afford and pay all your loans and credit cards.  

“I would be able to pay loans on time because I’m employed,” student Alexis Herrera said.